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God loves you, and our strong body of believers are here to help you any way we can. We have designed our church ministries and Life Groups to reach people who are looking for more in life.

It is our mission to help people come to know God in a changing world. For over 150 years our “Church on the Hill” has lovingly reached out to the community we live in so that others may be followers of Jesus Christ. We are a body of believers who not only minister to those in need, but who are also messengers to the community and the world with God’s Good News.

What we believe:
Study and be blessed! This We Believe document is a Bible-based teaching tool designed to answer your questions on the nature of God, Jesus, Humanity, The End Times, and the Church. There are also short descriptive lessons on such things as the Lord's Supper, the dedication of Children, and personal Baptism. These are common Bible teachings and are supported by the Churches of God General Conference. Grab your Bible and dive in! Within We Believe there are certain teachings which are core, while others are more descriptive of doctrinal distinctiveness when it comes to understanding and interpreting the Bible. For example: one would not be considered a Christian if they did not confess Jesus as Lord, or believe in his atoning work at Calvary and his resurrection (Romans 10:9). On the other hand, the precise details of his return (second coming) are open to discussion.

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